80,000IU Serra-Pet-Tase

SerraPet 80,000IU Animal Supplement

SerraPet is the perfect supplement if you wish to enable your horse, cat or dog to utilise the Serrapeptase "Miracle" enzyme. With this wonderful product your pet could enjoy a healthier nutritional program.

  • Promotes natural joint function
  • Supports Immune system
  • 80,000IU Serrapeptase
  • For Dogs, Cats & Horses

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SerraPet – Serrapeptase for Animals

With SerraPet it is possible for your animals to take advantage of the Serrapeptase Enzyme. This wonderful supplement provides 80,000IU of the “miracle” enzyme.

The naturally produced enzyme within SerraPet can produce anti-inflammatory mediators, this can lead to supplemented support of normal body processes. This is supported by the delay release method for optimum systemic delivery.

When correctly administered to your pet, SerraPet may promote a new level of inflammatory system health along with possible support in other key areas such as: joints; cartilage; lungs; and tendons.

Potential benefits of SerraPet

Introducing SerraPet to your animals diet and healthy lifestyle can have many benefits. Benefits that may be possible are:

  • Boosting of the immune system
  • Promotion and maintenance of normal joint function
  • Healthy skin tissue, including cartilage
  • Possible support to a fair few body processes

SerraPet has become recognised for the potential benefits of Serrapeptase as part of your animals healthy diet. The 80k IU of Serrapeptase is a key part of this fact as the potential benefits of the dubbed “miracle” enzyme have been stated in a few places.

A closer look at SerraPet

This Organic Proteolytic Enzyme may not be suitable to your animals specific dietary requirements. Before adding this supplement to your horses, cats or dogs diet be sure to check compatibility. In order to further your research, a goo place to start is the Serrapet for Animals Purchase Page.