Serrapeptase Tablets

SerraEnzyme 80,000IU Tablets

Serrapeptase dietary supplement in tablet form! This fantastic potential addition to your balance diet contains 80,000IU of the SerraEnzyme more commonly known as Serrapeptase.

  • Processed Naturally
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Promotes Healthy Processes
  • Supports Healing Process

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Tablets of SerraEnzyme

SerraEnzyme 80,000IU Tablets contain the Serrapeptase Enzyme that has been called the “Miracle” enzyme.

The possible modulatory effects on certain phase proteins that are heavily involved in the bodies natural inflammatory operation have been suggested in studies. Complemeting this research is a paper reporting the reductions in C3 & 4 complement and reduction in haptoglobulin concentrations, a protein that inhibits lysosomal protease.

The Serrapeptase found in these SerraEnzyme tablets is laboratory gathered via a fermentation process. Initially found within the intestine of a Silkworm, this immunologically active enzyme has many possible benefits when incorporated with a healthy balanced diet.

Serrapeptase 80 000iu

Each SerraEnzyme 80,000IU Tablet contains 80,000IU of Serrapeptase that could assist with your natural well being. This dietary supplement will added the “miracle” enzyme to your diet and thus may en devour to support a fair few of your bodies natural processes.

If you are thinking “tablets, I HATE TABLETS”, then there is a viable alternative. SerraEnzyme 80,000IU Capsules have the same “Miracle” enzyme content, but come in capsule form.

SerraEnzyme 80,000IU Tablet Summary

If you consider the SerraEnzyme Tablet a viable addition to your balanced diet, then you should take further look at the SerraEnzyme Tablets Product Profile Page. On this page you will find more in-depth information about the product and ordering information.