Serrapeptase Supplements has a few Serrapeptase Supplements collated. Below you will find a full list of the supplements that we have attempted to describe in a ceratin amount of details. There are three main sections: SerraEnzyme; SerraPlus+; and Other.

SerraEnzyme Supplements

Serrapeptase has been dubbed the "miracle" enzyme. If you are interested in adding it to you diet via a supplement then there are two different strengths to choose from. 250,000IU is the max strength and 80,000IU which comes in both capsule and tablet form.

SerraPlus+ Supplements

SerraPlus is the Serrapeptase that you know and love, but with a little added "Plus". The plus is 50mg of trace minerals and a whopping 350g of MSM to help with absorption. The fantastic SerraPlus+ supplement comes with 80,000IU of Serrapeptase in each flavor... but you have the choice of tablets or capsules.

Other Supplements

In order to complement the selction of, we have featured three other fantastic supplements that contain the "miracle" enzyme. Serrapet for your animals, Serranol if you want a keen mix of 4 and BlockBuster AllClear which is the strongest coalition currently on the market.