Lipase – The All Natural Fat Fighting Enzyme


Lipase is an enzyme that is found in most (if not, all) living organisms. There are three types of enzymes – gastric, hepatic and pharyngeal. These enzymes help to break down fats, so that they can be more easily absorbed by the body. They are also important in a number of biological processes. Natural sources of lipase are found in raw, unheated food, such as avocado, pine nuts, chickpeas and cream.

Lipase Deficiency

Most people produce enough lipase naturally, however it is possible to have deficiencies. A lipase deficiency can cause high cholesterol, prediabetes and makes it difficult to lose weight. A lack of lipase also reduces cell permeability, so nutrients can not easily get into the cell and waste can not get out.

If you are worried about you lipase levels, you can have a simple blood test. If your levels are low there are a range of lipase supplements.

Health Benefits Of Lipase Supplements

Taking lipase supplements is believed to have a number of beneficial effects. It is believed to:

Help With Vitamin And Mineral Absorption

Some fat soluble vitamins and minerals need to be transported through the body and absorbed via fats. Having the correct lipase levels helps with vital nutrient extraction from food and with the absorption of essential fatty acids.

Help With Stomach Upsets

Taking lipase may help with general indigestion and other stomach upsets. It is believed to relieve abdominal pain, bloating, heartburn and even Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Keep Pancreatic Enzymes At An Optimum Level

As we age our bodies produce less lipase. Taking a lipase supplement helps to keep these pancreatic enzymes at an optimum level.

Help With Fat Digestion

Lipase helps to reduce lipid malabsorption (not absorbing lipids well). Lipase helps to increase the body’s ability to digest fat, which in turn may help to maintain a healthy weight, healthy cholesterol levels and control appetite.

Improve Immune Function

Taking enzymes is believed to give your immune system a general boost.

Lipase occurs naturally in the body, most people produce enough of this enzyme. The enzyme is important for a variety of body processes. If you are worried about your levels you can have a blood test. Remember, always consult a medical professional before taking any supplements, especially if you are already on other medication.