About Inflammation And How Serrapeptase Can Help


Inflammation is not necessarily a bad thing. It is actually the body’s response to a harmful stimulus. The stimulus could be a number of things, such as pathogens, irritants or damaged cells. Inflammation is a very complex biological response. It is a protective response that is meant to eliminate injury. However, sometimes the body can be a little over-protective and the inflammation can become a problem in itself.

About Inflammation

Inflammation can be in two forms – acute or chronic. Both have the same symptoms. The affected area normally becomes hot, painful, swollen and red.

Acute inflammation is not a problem. This is the body’s first response to something harmful and should disappear once the danger has passed.

However, sometimes this acute inflammation does not go away. Then it becomes chronic inflammation. This can also be caused by other factors such as physiological stress, diet and not enough sleep. Furthermore, chronic inflammation can cause other diseases such as arthritis and hay fever.

How Serrapeptase Can Help

There’s plenty of different advice, supplements and prescribed drugs out there to help with inflammation. Serrapeptase is just one of many! It is commonly used in Europe and Asia to help with inflammation.

Serrapeptase is a natural supplement. It is an enzyme produced by silkworms. It’s effects on inflammation are similar to aspirin. It doesn’t matter what caused the inflammation or where in the body it is, Serrapeptase can cross blood barriers to reach any site within the body.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme that digests, or breaks down, protein. It only breaks down non-living tissues and so will not harm parts of the body that are free from inflammation. The enzyme digests the fluids around the inflammation, which allows the site to drain. This in turn eases tissue repair and removes pain.

However, there is not scientific evidence to prove Serrapeptase’s effectivenss, although it is a popular supplement. If symptoms persist or get worse, visit your doctor.