How You Can Help Your Post Surgery Recovery


Post surgery recovery is the time taken for your body to recover after surgery. This can take various amounts of time, depending on a number of factors. Your doctor should tell you what the expected recovery time is for the surgery you are having. As a guide it can generally take a week to recover from minor surgery and months to recover from major surgery, but everyone is different.

What You Can Do After Surgery

After surgery you are likely to be tired, but it is important to get moving and follow your doctor’s advice. It is important to get back into a routine and can even be used as a ‘fresh start’, start eating healthier, aim to exercise more or even stop smoking. It is also important to be vigilant and prevent infections, regularly checking the wound.

You can help with your recovery by:

  • Exercising – under your doctors advice. Even just walking a little can help. Moving even a little helps blood flow after surgery;
  • Keep Hydrated – this is always important. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water;
  • Go To Follow Up Appointments – even if you feel fine. Your doctor may pick up on things that you may miss and you may need your medication adjusted;
  • Eat Healthily – a healthy diet helps recovery and fights tiredness.Make sure you get the right amount of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

How Serrapeptase Can Help Post Surgery Recovery

Serrapeptase is a natural supplement that is believed to help the recovery process and help with pain relief. It is commonly used in Europe and Asia.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme that digests proteins, but only attacks dead tissue. Injured joints and muscles are coated in fibrin (a protein) for protection. However, sometimes excess fibrin can cause pain, inflammation and scar tissue. This excess fibrin also takes up space where the living tissue should grow. Serrapeptase can digest this fibrin to encourage healing.

However, there is no definite scientific evidence to prove the benefits of Serrapeptase and how it helps recovery. There have been some studies, but not enough. Always make sure you follow your doctor’s advice after surgery.