Ecklonia Cava – What Is It And What Does It Do?


Ecklonia cava is a specie of brown marine algae. It is an edible seaweed, that is found along the coast of Japan and Korea. It is known for a variety of compounds and is often used as a herbal remedy. As a herbal remedy it is used as an extract. The effect of using it as a health supplement are still being studied.

The Health Benefits Of Ecklonia Cava

Ecklonia cava is reported to be one of the highest sources of phloroglucinols. These phloroglucinols contain high levels of antioxidants, which are often reported to have a multitude of health benefits. You may have heard of antioxidants being in foods such as cranberries, blueberries and kidney beans. However, the antioxidant compounds in Ecklonia cava appear to be unique to marine plants.

Ecklonia cava is meant to be beneficial for:

  • Asthma;
  • Insomnia;
  • Inflammation;
  • Blood glucose;
  • Anti-allergy;
  • Blood pressure.

The seaweed is also meant to support weight loss. It also helps with hair growth in a unique way. Not only does it inhibit hair loss, but it is suspected to actually enhance hair growth too.

How Good Is The Seaweed?

The health benefits for the above ailments are only small. Evidence on the effect of using Ecklonia cava extract in humans is extremely limited, although it does suggest small health benefits. Even so, seaweed is healthy as part of a balanced diet and there is no doubt that antioxidants are also a healthy choice.

However, as research is lacking, the effects of long term use are unknown. So, if you are thinking about taking Ecklonia cava extract, remember to consult a medical professional first, especially if you are already taking medication.

Eating seaweed as part of a healthy, balanced and varied diet can be done. It is a healthy choice when part of a balanced diet.